Improving Addiction Recovery with Technology

We’re proud to work with Face It TOGETHER to help people recover from addiction successfully.  Realizing that clients need a better way to manage addiction, we’ve partnered with Face It TOGETHER to leverage technology for better patient communication and continuous support. This is key to creating care programs that move away from short-term models of addiction treatment that simply don’t work.

“Recognizing a need to reach and engage sufferers in a different way, we enlisted digital health innovators from San Francisco, Welkin Health, to help us bring our vision to life” said David Whitesock, Face It TOGETHER’s Chief Data Officer. “Together we created a platform that offers our clients remote engagement and continuous support managing their disease. Patients and their loved ones receive support from our coaches wherever they are, when they need it most, through multiple means of communication — text, email, phone, face-to-face meetings — whatever it takes. With more ways to engage with our recovery coaches over a longer period of time, our clients better manage their disease and improve their overall wellness.”

David shares his inspiring journey on the Huffington Post from addiction to working at Face It TOGETHER to improve models of addiction treatment.

Read his whole story here.