A Letter from our CEO, Chase Hensel

The world of digital health is fast-paced—constantly innovating, transitioning and evolving to better support the needs of our healthcare industry and patients.

As we approach the finish line for 2016, we look back at what was a significant year. Our country found itself in the grip of a devastating opioid crisis; a historic election season came to a close and with a new administration, uncertainty about the future of health care policy and law; and, significant progress was made to advance solutions for the 133 million Americans living with at least one chronic disease.

The important work of our partners this year helped to further our commitment to driving healthcare innovation forward by creating more opportunities to make an impact on chronic disease management and outcomes.

Our collaboration with Community Health Center Network (CHCN), as one of three national finalists for Health 2.0’s Technology for Healthy Communities initiative, spotlighted the health needs of some of the East Bay’s most high-risk and vulnerable populations. Through a grant awarded to support the partnership, we will be able to elevate the critical work of CHCN’s Care Neighborhood program and the effort of its Community Health Workers (CHWs) who work every day to address and improve the health needs of this community.

Another one of our partners, Neurotrack, is making tremendous strides in advancing solutions for individuals at risk for cognitive decline. An astonishing portion of the population is facing this issue with more than 16 million Americans living with cognitive impairment and over five million with Alzheimer’s. Our clinical study with Neurotrack will support their ongoing efforts to protect brain health and prevent cognitive decline by providing the data needed to show the value of coaching coupled with their lifestyle program and technology.

This year, our country has faced an addiction crisis like never before with opioid overdoses dominating headlines and communities. Our partner Face It TOGETHER is transforming how this chronic illness is approached. Our work together enables the capture of data that tells a comprehensive client story and gives coaches the tools needed to effectively support and engage people in recovery increasing the likelihood that people will stay well.

These are just a few examples of the progress made this year in empowering our partners to continue to run programs that advance the management of chronic disease. Yet, despite forward motion, potential policy changes and the general uncertainty surrounding health policy and law under a new administration has caused concern for many. Yet, Welkin’s commitment to leveraging the power of human relationships in health care is steadfast. We remain dedicated to our partners in helping them maximize efficiency in workflow and patient communication.

Chronic disease is a heavy burden for patients, providers and our health care system. There are no quick or easy fixes to a disease that by definition persists over a long period of time and can require lifelong management. What we do know is that individuals with chronic diseases like diabetes, cognitive decline, addiction, and obesity, benefit from better patient support and education in their lifelong health management. We’re proud to work on technology for that very purpose.

As the year comes to a close, we look back at the progress and great partnerships that have made this year so successful. As innovation continues, we look forward to sharing new partnership news and exciting developments to come in the new year.

Thank you to our wonderful partners and community of people fearlessly dedicated to improving health and wellness, and cheers to an exciting year of growth in 2017!   

– Chase Hensel, CEO of Welkin Health