One of the largest annual events in the diabetes community kicks off Friday in San Diego—the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) 77th Scientific Sessions. Over the next week, major players from the diabetes sphere including medical professionals, researchers, innovators, advocates, and patients who are living with diabetes, convene to collaborate on the latest developments in research, technology, and treatments impacting the diabetes community.

Diabetes continues to be one of the most prevalent, costly, and difficult diseases to manage. Because of this, the Scientific Sessions continue to be an invaluable resource for companies like Welkin Health and our partner, Common Sensing, who are striving to make the disease more manageable for the patients living with diabetes, and their care teams.

Common Sensing, who will be exhibiting at this year’s meeting, is making vast strides in improving insulin adherence among people with diabetes through their innovative smart connected insulin pen cap, Gocap™. The device not only captures and tracks real-time insulin dosing and time, but fulfills the critical role of monitoring and supporting patients between doctor visits. With chronic disease management, especially one like diabetes that requires vigilantly navigating the ins and outs of insulin 365 days a year, positive outcomes are more attainable with at-home care. Common Sensing is paving the way for this more personalized approach to care and improving the likelihood that patients with diabetes will be empowered to better manage their chronic disease.

Diabetes can often seem like an immense hill to climb. Yet, what makes the ADA Scientific Sessions so inspiring is the opportunity to observe first-hand the innovation, research, and progress of our partners and colleagues who are working every day from a unified front to prevent and cure diabetes, leaving us not only hopeful, but inspired to do more. Looking forward to seeing what this year has in store.