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Welkin Health partnered with Community Health Center Network (CHCN) in September of 2016, but the Community Health Center Network has been making an impact on communities long before that.

CHCN is a “Medi-Cal managed care organization” which contracts in the interest of eight satellite health centers. These centers merged together as a network in 1996 to create a solution to the problem of limited healthcare access affecting underserved populations in the East Bay.

Located in Alameda County, CA, CHCN identifies at-risk candidates in vulnerable communities, assesses their needs and limitations, and provides quality health services for these populations. In tandem with their sister organization, the Alameda Health Consortium, CHCN provides physical, behavioral, dental, and preventive health services to more than 130,000 people in over 90 locations. Each of the eight centers is sensitive to linguistic and cultural differences and barriers to care and services, and helps patients access affordable health insurance and publically-funded medical programs.

A new partnership

CHCN and Welkin Health’s partnership was announced at Health 2.0’s conference in 2016 in Santa Clara. CHCN was one of four finalists for Technology for Health Communities, a program which helps underserved communities utilize technology to improve health outcomes. Technology for Health Communities pairs groups serving vulnerable people with digital health organizations, which then initiates pilot programs to target population health risks and establish lasting “commercial models” for improved health outcomes across that community.

The partnership, which was initially incorporated into three or the eight CHCN health centers, has expanded across the entirety of their network. Integrating Welkin’s software into their Care Neighborhood program, CHCN maximizes patient outreach and care coordination in the East Bay, guiding at-risk populations to the right medical and community resources.

Sustaining meaningful connections with patients

Poor health outcomes are not necessarily predetermined; they can arise from a confluence of resource insecurities. In the press release announcing the partnership, Welkin Health CEO and co-founder Chase Hensel explains that “‘CHCN serves patients whose needs are complex. These individuals are among those facing the most risk due to social determinants beyond their control…Our platform will create more pathways of communication between CHWs and patients, help to streamline workflow and provide the ability to capture critical data about this population in the hopes of improving the health outcomes in these communities for the long-term.’”

Welkin’s software helps CHWs in their Care Neighborhood initiative create and sustain meaningful connections with patients. They follow the platform’s workflow to remotely connect with patients and help them manage the factors which affect their health, including medication adherence, food and transportation insecurity, nutrition and lifestyle. The steadfast CHWs work to make every resource accessible to vulnerable patients, to collaborate with peers embedded in other health centers and find solutions which make cost-effective healthcare within reach, for a measurably improved quality of life.

Care Neighborhood is a case management and care coordination program for high-risk populations to empower patients to better manage their chronic conditions, while reducing healthcare costs and bettering patient outcomes.

Their services include provider relations management, claims, and patient reviews- all of which can be captured in the case management platform. Their health centers share resources and data, amassing collaborative patient information. This data aggregate helps CHCN identify gaps in care and better patients services, thereby improved patient health.

Iteration and optimization fosters scalability


On Thursday, 7/27/18, CHCN graciously allowed a small contingent from Welkin to attend their new feature request rollout and training. Customer Success team member Allison Mateo gave a detailed features demo to their community health workers (CHWs), answering questions and guiding them through the software updates configured to meet their complex but specific case management needs. Following the training, the Welkin group enjoyed the opportunity of observing the CHWs run through an actual (PHI-protected) case using Welkin’s software, to witness first hand how their platform is making an impact on CHCN’s Care Neighborhood program.

Looking towards the future

As CHCN expands their outreach, fostering a healthier, better informed community through their network resources, Welkin will continue to support their complex needs so they can focus on what’s really important- their patients.