In addition to a handful of other chronic diseases, November has been designated as National Diabetes Awareness month, and November 14 World Diabetes Day. Patients with diabetes and their loved ones are taking to social media to make visible the often invisible disease. Many organizations, advocates, and companies dedicated to improving the lives of people living with type 1(T1D) and type 2 (T2D) diabetes, preventing the disease and it’s complications, and working towards a cure, use the month of November to raise awareness about the daily and long term impact of the disease.

Campaigns are created highlighting the experiences of patients living with T1D and T2D, the loved ones who help them, and to bring attention to the need for accessible health care and funding towards research and a cure.

Via their “Call of the Warrior” campaign, continuous glucose monitor manufacturer Dexcom, Inc. will donate $1 to diabetes charities for every photo and video posted to social media with the hashtag #WarriorUp.

One of those diabetes charities is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), a global diabetes research and advocacy nonprofit whose aim is to eradicate T1D worldwide. This month, they’re continuing their “T1D Looks Like Me” campaign encouraging people affected by T1D to use their custom frame for social media profile photos, and contribute them to JDRF’s site. Patients can learn about and share the cumulative burden of their disease by using JDRF’s “T1D Footprint Generator,” and site visitors can “Get Quizzed by a Whiz Kid” to test and compare their diabetes knowledge to that of a 9 year old with T1D.

This year, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) asks families impacted by diabetes to “put on your cape and take a stand.” People are encouraged to spread the word about the chronic disease by writing letters to diabetes, and sharing their stories with the label #DearDiabetes.

Insulet has organized #rockthepod challenges at health clinics and college campuses, asking healthcare workers and students to wear a demo of their insulin pump, the Omnipod System, during November 13-17 to drive awareness for diabetes and insulin pump therapy. For every participant who shares their experience on social media, brandishing the hashtag and tagging @myomnipod, Insulet will donate $5 to diabetes charities throughout the month.

Follow the hashtag #diabetesawarenessmonth throughout the month for news and personal anecdotes, and stay tuned for more diabetes stories from Welkin Health..