Our Values

We work together to create an environment in which we can all thrive. We seek coworkers who will engage in crafting healthy team dynamics that support everyone. We acknowledge that separating a “work self” from a “personal self” is often difficult and we strive to create a culture where everyone feels safe and respected sharing their personal interests and identities. At the same time, we support candidates and coworkers who wish to preserve separation between their personal and work selves. We actively examine the many ways our industry elevates privileged points of view (especially the cis white male perspective) and work to avoid replicating these flaws. We explicitly consider the power dynamics at work in our company so we can ensure they remain healthy as Welkin evolves.

Our culture and habits put a strong emphasis on each employee’s personal wellbeing. We create opportunities to work on mental, behavioral, and physical wellness— sometimes together. We encourage humor and lightheartedness to avoid taking ourselves too seriously. We understand that building a company is an ultra-marathon, and we help each other work hard but sustainably.

We hire teammates who desire to learn as much as possible about the realities of running a growing company. We communicate openly about the rationale behind the decisions we make so that everybody can learn from the results. We have consistent, active feedback loops to ensure we are all operating with the same up-to-date information and closing knowledge gaps.

We interact primarily as coworkers, but we understand that our co-working relationships require as much active work as close friendships. We have frequent one-on-ones, share meals regularly, champion Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and practice honest, compassionate feedback. We also disclose when we need help, or when relationships need attention. We learn from each other, and encourage mutual mentorship. We all work hard to be the best versions of ourselves with each other, creating the trust that we are doing our finest work to reach our shared goals.

We are a community of lifelong learners. Being a small, innovative company, curiosity is required to solve problems and create meaningful change. Saying “that’s not my role” is not enough. When we notice something is broken, we fix it. We do not ask permission to take responsibility, and we do not avoid risks for fear of failure— failure helps us learn. We maintain an environment in which everyone feels empowered to make improvements and explore new paths for themselves or their team. Follow where curiosity leads you; experiment often. The next great idea might be yours.