• Smart rules and prioritization

    Optimize your staff’s workflows to meet business goals and patient outcomes. Welkin’s smart rules engine focuses your team’s effort on addressing the right patients at the right time. Rules trigger based on events emerging from the underlying data, so you can be assured your patients aren’t falling through the cracks. Don’t have a proactive workflow? No problem, dashboard views allow for effective reactive work as well.

  • Welkin Health Rules Engine
  • Welkin Health Patient Profile
  • 360-degree view of your patient

    The patient profile consolidates every single interaction with the patient into one convenient location. With filters and prioritization, you can quickly understand the context of the patient in front of you, vital when panel sizes are large and time is short.

  • Configurable platform and full featured

    Full featured and robust configurability

  • Integrations

    Use an external system that is business critical? No problem. Our partner-facing APIs and flexible ETL process allows us to plug into your ecosystem. We support flat file ingesting as well as more complex server-to-server integrations so that you unify your disparate data sources into one place.

  • Communication

    For effective programs, it is vital that you communicate with your patients using the methods they are most comfortable with. Welkin natively supports two-way SMS, email, fax, telephone, in-app message, and video chat. Need a patient facing smartphone app? We white-label apps for iOS and Android so you can provide a modern experience with your patients.

  • Admin and reporting

    Need population-level dashboards? Our administrative controls have them. Someone’s going on vacation? We can help you shift coverage. Our administrative tools provide the functionality you need to effectively manage a program and report on patient outcomes.

  • Optimize and refine

    Make instant changes to your workflow without writing a line of code or calling a vendor. Change business processes like scheduled phone call cadence, assessments, call scripts, message templates and much more using the Welkin Workbench control panel.

  • HIPAA Compliant and Secure

  • Secure by design

    Every feature of the Welkin Health platform was designed with the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your data in mind. Our comprehensive security program includes risk analysis, automated testing, external researchers, and much more.

  • Encryption everywhere

    Welkin Health uses best-in-class encryption to protect your data, whether it’s at rest in our storage systems, in transit within our datacenter, or being delivered to your personal device.

  • Access controlled

    We work with you to understand and apply the principle of least privilege to your business. We ensure that your program is configured to empower staff with access to the information they need, while protecting patient information with role-based limited access.

  • Regulation and compliance

    Health care is our business. We are HIPAA compliant and regularly work with customers who make Class II and III medical devices.

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